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Venum Whey Protein - 5 Servings - Matcha

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Venum utilizes nothing but the gold standard of protein sources: whey.

Our lean formula delivers a solid 24-gram dose of anabolically-charged whey to fuel and repair your muscle tissue. Provides 8 hours of amino acid delivery from three protein sources for rapid muscle growth.

Unlike other brands, our products are certified free from amino-spiking, so you can rest assured that when we say you’re getting 24 grams of protein, we really mean it. 

24 grams of high-quality, with a delicious milkshake taste, naturally-flavored using only the finest Dutch process cocoa and real vanilla beans.

Simple, clean ingredient profile sweetened with Stevia. No aspartame or Acesulfame K.

Product Features :

  • Ingredient : Proteine.

  • Low in fat.

  • Gluten free.

  • With Stevia. 

  • No aspartame or Acesulfame K.

  • No banned substances – 2015 WADA compliant.

  • Nutrition type : Athletics, Endurance, Post Workout, Pre Workout, Weight Loss.

  • Halal certified.

  • Servings : 5.

  • Weight : 0.170.

Venum Whey Protein - 5 Servings - Matcha

  • Venum Whey Protein - 5 Servings - Matcha

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